Towhid Islamic Center Funeral Assistance Program 

Towhid Islamic Center offers the Funeral Service Program (FSP) to assist community members at the time of their death or the death of their
family members. FSP is here to serve the Muslim community in the Twin Cities.

Take this opportunity to plan ahead and let us take care of your funeral service so you can focus on the hereafter.

 Fundamental Objective:

  1. To establish well designated Cemetery for Muslim Communities
  2. To free members from ever soaring funeral services costs
  3. To deliver well coordinated funeral services under the leadership of Towhid Islamic Center Funeral Committee.

 Why TIC Funeral program?

  1. Rates are based upon your income and household status
  2. Serves both single and family community members.
  3. You pay the first year joining fee and every year after that you pay annual dues.
  4. Inexpensive
Membership Registration Fee Annual Fee For Renewal
Family $250 $120
Single $180 $80
Student & SSI $120 $50

 **Registration: is open to any Muslim individuals or families who are residents of Twin Cities and the surrounding area of the great states of Minnesota. For more information, please contact Towhid Islamic Center officials: 888-888-8888**