Welcome to Towhid Islamic Center!
Towhid Islamic Center is located in the heart of Twin Cities. TIC provides 5 daily prayers, Friday sermon, Madrassa Program, Halaqas, etc. our missions are to provide quality social, personal, spiritual, religious services in consistence with the Noble Quran and the traditions of the Prophet (May the Peace and Blessings of Allaah be upon him and those who follow him).


Weekend School

Our Vision

“To deliver a comprehensive education to Muslim children according to the authentic Qur’an & Sunnah, according to the understanding of the righteous early generations” 

Welcome to our weekend school,  we pride ourselves on having excellent outlook for the children in our community. The Madrasah [academy] is a weekend school for children aimed at providing lessons for the youth in learning the Qur’an & Sunnah.

PART 1: Qur’an Memorization

Our weekend Qur’an memorization is aimed at providing the students with an opportunity to work toward memorizing the entire book of Allah. With a set of teachers who have established a strong curriculum for memorization, we hope to build future huffadh (memorizers) of the qur’an as a foundation for their future study of the religion.

PART 2: Islamic Studies

Our Islamic studies program is aimed at providing the students with the foundations for their religion. Our classes are structured on 3 main levels, and students are placed in classes accordingly. We provide workbooks and encourage study of the lessons on a regular basis. Students are assessed periodically to gage their progress in the classes. The following is a snapshot of some of the texts and materials we cover in the SIlamic Studies portion;

Family Counseling

Counseling and Conflict Resolution Services

Services provided to our community will be in a discreet and private manner, non judgmental, and in light of the Quran and Sunnah, Insha Allah.

Please call 612-532-8079
to make an appointment with Sheik Abdulrahim.

Sheik Abdulrahim is available date ….

Services we offer:

  • Family counseling
  • Marriage counseling
  • Family conflict resolution
  • Community member conflict resolution
  • Personal eeman guidence counseling
  • Pre-marriage counseling
  • and many more… inshaAllah

Marriage / Nikah

Please call  651-222-6807 to set up an appointment if you would like to have your Nikah services provided by and/or at Towhid Islamic Center.

The sisters and brother who want to get married are highly encouraged to meet with a sheik, imam or knowledegable counselor a few times prior to making final marriage plans.

A marriage certificate will be provided for a minimal fee.

Contact your local Imam, Sheik or Teacher for help if you are looking to marry.